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43% of crypto investors are women

43% of crypto investors are women
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Added on Dec 15, 2019

43% of crypto investors are women according to a report by Grayscale. Established in 2013 by Digital Currency Group, Grayscale is a trusted authority on digital currency investing.


Investing in Bitcoin: Perspectives from Female Investors

Women and Men Share Similar Perceptions of Bitcoin

Looking specifically at investors ages 25-54, women and men share common perceptions about Bitcoin.

Women Invest Differently than Men but Many Qualities of Bitcoin Resonate with Both

Women are generally less optimistic about investments and more risk-averse. However, many of the same qualities of Bitcoin resonate with both women and men.

More Education Could Lead to Increased Female Interest in Bitcoin

More women than men indicated that they lack familiarity with Bitcoin (76% vs. 52%) and significantly, an overwhelming majority of female investors (93%) indicated that they could be more open to the asset class if they had more educational resources available to them.

This online survey of 1,100 U.S. investors was conducted by Q8 Research, and commissioned by Grayscale Investments, between March 28, 2019 and April 3, 2019. All respondents were between the age of 25 and 64, and had primary or shared financial decision-making capabilities. All respondents were involved with some form of personal investing, with at least $10,000 in household investable assets (excluding workplace retirement plans or real estate), and at least $50,000 in household income.


Bitcoin conversations tend to focus on a predominantly male investor audience, and yet data indicates women have a healthy interest in Bitcoin as well. In Grayscale Investments’ original report Bitcoin: 2019 Investor Study — which examined investors’ interests, perceptions, and misconceptions about investing in Bitcoin — 43% of respondents who expressed interest in Bitcoin were female. Within that segment, a further 80% were intrigued by Bitcoin’s growth potential and even more significantly, the vast majority (93%) indicated that they would be more open to the asset class if additional educational resources were available to them. In this follow-on report, Grayscale examines women’s attitudes about Bitcoin, investing in general as well as what drives both interest and hesitation in Bitcoin investments, and which factors may increase their participation


As investors, women display distinctly-held characteristics that could have an impact on their attitudes toward Bitcoin. Our survey examined higher-level motivations and perceptions about investing in general and found that there are recognizable differences between women and men, despite similar perceptions of the asset. Women tend to see investments as a means for protecting themselves and their families from hardship more than a way to get rich. In our survey, 60% of women cared more about financial security than building wealth (compared to 48%of men), while 42% indicated that they “liked to play it safe with their investments” (compared to 35% of men). Women are more likely to rate themselves as less investment savvy than men, with 44% percent of the women surveyed saying they felt less knowledgeable about investments, twice as many as men (22%). 43% of crypto investors are women breaking earlier opinions.