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Ark.io Partners with nOS for Decentralized Internet

Ark.io Partners with nOS for Decentralized Internet
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Added on Jul 31, 2019

nOS has become the first bridgechain to officially be accepted into thePowered by ARK program. The announcement was made on 30th July 2019 amid anticipation among the blockchain community. Ark.io had posted on twitter that a major announcement was coming up. What was it? Ark.io partners with nOS!

Posting the announcement on their website blog, Ark.io made the formal announcement that they will now be partnering with nOS to create the future in blockchain technology.

From the blog post –‌‌

Migrating to a new mainnet built on ARK, nOS is adopting ARK’s blockchain technology to power a truly decentralized operating system.‌‌‌‌nOS [is] the first bridgechain to be formally accepted into the Powered by ARK program, and to be announced as an official ARK partner.

What is nOS?

nOS is an all-in-one platform that allows both decentralized and centralized applications to grow their user base, increase their revenue potential and expand their reach by utilizing the new business models that decentralized blockchain technology can offer.

Basically, they provide a place for developers to create applications based on the blockchain or host already created applications on a blockchain based network. This is a parallel internet that puts transparency and data security first. Because it is based on the blockchain it cannot be hacked. The data also cannot be misused by the hosting service or other companies.

Launching in Q4 2019/Q1 2020, the new nOS mainnet will run on the ARK Core blockchain framework.

Here’s a short video (and a little longer exclusive podcast) of nOS founder Dean van Dugteren explaining a little more about nOS, why they chose to build on ARK, and what the partnership means to them.

Why nOS Chose to Migrate to an ARK Blockchain

nOS was originally issued as a NEO NEP-5 smart contract token. As their project grew and evolved they began to look for a blockchain solution that would not only help them improve the speed, flexibility, and scalability of their platform but one that would also allow them to fully realize the vision of nOS.

After an extensive research and evaluation process, ARK’s blockchain technology was selected by nOS to lay the foundation for their new mainnet.

By migrating to a dedicated ARK based blockchain, nOS will now able to overcome some of the limitations associated with relying on smart contracts exclusively. They’re able to implement block rewards systems, are able to update with ease (something which is difficult to achieve with smart contracts), and are no longer reliant on the performance of a public blockchain. While the nOS blockchain is powered by ARK technologies, creators can still choose to deploy apps to the platform that are powered by any blockchain such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, NEO, and EOS.

By far the best solution for web developers to build a blockchain.NOS’S FOUNDER DEAN VAN DUGTEREN

Impressed by the ease of use and ability to customize the framework to meet their specific needs, nOS initially selected ARK for their mainnet due to their:

  • Open-source codebase
  • Interoperability
  • Scalability
  • Modular design
  • Plug-in framework
  • Typescript core
  • Ability to create custom transactions quickly and easily with the Generic Transaction Interface (GTI)

What’s Next?

As the first bridgechain accepted into the Powered by ARK program, they will be working closely with nOS for a few months to support them in their journey to rebuild their mainnet on ARK and enlist them into the PBA program.

If you’re a project looking to migrate to a flexible blockchain, or a bridgechain interested in joining the PBA program, get in touch with Ark.io on Slack or by emailing info@ark.io.

Ark.io partners with nOS!: read the full blog post here.