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Become a Crypto Trader on Wazirx with STF or Smart Token Fund

Become a Crypto Trader on Wazirx with STF or Smart Token Fund
By We Play Coins
Added on Aug 30, 2019

Become a Crypto Trader on Wazirx with STF or Smart Token Fund programme. The platform is inviting crypto traders with the Smart Token Fund. Click here to apply.

Wazirx is a crypto trading platform from India. It promises a decentralized approach to trading using the new Smart Token Fund programme. The programme invites any traders with experience in trading digital assets. In particular, it highlights trading with crypto currencies although other assets are available as well.

Democratizing Crypto Trading

Not everyone can keep an eye on the crazy world of crypto trading. Some people want to put money in and play the long game. STF makes this easier by giving you a possibility of separation.

It works simply –

  1. Choose a trader on the Platform
  2. Buy STF with your cryptocurrency. For instance, 1 BTC will be converted into X number of STF. You have submitted 1 BTC for trading and the proof of ownership is the number of STF.
  3. The trader will trade with your 1 BTC and get returns.
  4. When you wish you can exchange the STF you possess for whatever crypto you wish and exit the programme.

Getting an account is simply a matter of signing up and completing your KYC. The dashboard and other tools are simple and intuitive and you can get started immediately.

For the Traders

  • Your unique Smart Token

As a STF Trader, you get to build your own Smart Token. People can buy into your Smart Tokens with their cryptocurrency to let you manage their portfolio.

  • Trade funds in one place

Smart Token Fund allows you to trade and manage multiple people’s portfolio – all on a single interface. It’s as simple as managing your own cryptocurrency portfolio.

  • Make money

As an STF Trader, you also get to keep a percentage of the profits you make for the users. It’s a win-win!

How Does one become an STF Trader?

To join the programme, simply click on this link to be redirected to a form. Fill in your details and Wazirx will take it from there. Better hurry before the positions are filled!

What is Smart Token Fund?

It’s a simplified and never-done-before way to help traders grow cryptocurrency portfolios. STF’s aim is to democratise cryptocurrency trading expertise for everyone. Potential clients can go through traders’ history and assess their skill levels.

By investing in traders tokens they can grow their income and traders can grow their portfolios.

Step 1: Choose the right STF for you

You can go through the list of Smart Token Funds (STF), analyse the STF trader’s activity and background, fund performance, cryptocurrency holdings, and more.

Step 2: Buy Smart Token with your cryptocurrency

If you like any STF, you can buy the Smart Token with your cryptocurrency and allow the STF Trader to manage your cryptocurrency portfolio.

Step 3: The STF Trader will trade with your cryptocurrency

The STF Trader will use their acumen, and manage your cryptocurrency portfolio like their own. You will be able to track the growth of your cryptocurrency portfolio.

Step 4: You can sell Smart Tokens and withdraw your cryptocurrency

If you want to exit, you can sell the Smart Tokens anytime you want, and withdraw your cryptocurrency.