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Cash prize for the Best Dapp: Aventus

Cash prize for the Best Dapp: Aventus
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Added on Sep 15, 2019

Cash prize for the best Dapp has been announced by Aventus in a blog post recently. The company hopes to spur growth for their Ethereum-based ticketing platform.

Aventus announced the release of Aventus Classic, a fully decentralised, open-source protocol designed to create a more equitable and transparent ticketing industry. Boasting a record public blockchain ticket transaction speed of 100 tickets a second, Aventus Classic is built upon the Ethereum blockchain and sets a new global open standard for the exchange of tickets, without having to rely on layer-2 solutions that trade-off trust, finality, and decentralisation.

This release marks their first real step in engaging with the open-source community, as Aventus Classic will now be open to contributions from anyone and will no longer be solely developed by official partners of the Aventus Protocol Foundation.

The release coincides with our Aventus Classic DApp Competition in partnership with The Satoshi Awards. Entrants are to try their hand at building a blockchain-based ticketing system, with the winner to be awarded $15,000 worth of Ether and 2 VIP tickets to the ceremony. The winning build will be used as the ticketing platform for The Satoshi Awards’ first ever event, taking place mid-2020.

The Competition

Open to all blockchain developers and development teams, and running between the 12th September 2019 and the 12th November 2019, competition entrants must create a ticket sales platform, a ticket delivery app and an access control app utilizing their newly released code.


  • In order for an entrant to be accepted the entire ‘core functionality’ of the specifications is required. The ‘potential additional functionality’ is an added bonus that’ll make your submission standout.
  • Please submit pull requests in the below linked Github repository. If they get accepted and merged into the masterbranch, this will mean that you have won.
  • The final deadline is the 12th November at 23:59pm BST.
  • Total prize amount of $15k in Ether to be paid out to the winner, or winning team, max two weeks post deadline.
  • The winner will receive an additional 2 VIP tickets to The Satoshi Awards taking place mid 2020. This only includes the tickets to the event and does not include anything else, such as flights, transportation, accommodation, etc.
  • The winner will be judged solely by The Satoshi Awards team and will NOT be decided by Aventus or any individual part of the Aventus Network.

PLEASE NOTE: If none of the entrants submit Ðapps that match the specifications outlined by The Satoshi Awards, then there could also be no winner. Please pay very careful attention to the specifications document linked below!

Enter Competition HERE

Full specifications are available HERE

Aventus Classic Documentation can be found HERE

Aventus Classic Whitepaper is available HERE

We are thrilled to have partnered with Aventus and engage the open-source community to help build our ticketing system with Aventus as the backend. We are excited to see the entries start rolling in and couldn’t think of a better way to manage our tickets than through blockchain to promote trust, transparency, and innovation.STEVE ELLIS, CEO, AND FOUNDER OF THE SATOSHI AWARDS.
With this release, we are excited to start properly realising our vision for a more equitable and decentralised ticketing industry. ANNIKA MONARI & ALAN VEY, FOUNDERS OF AVENTUS.

The company also released the enterprise grade solution, The Aventus Network, a plasma-like layer-2 solution built on Ethereum this year. The Aventus Network will preserve the key principles of decentralisation while solving for scale and privacy at enterprise level, and is designed to encourage trust and innovation across digital asset-focused industries including ticketing, vouchers, loyalty points, financial assets, and virtual goods.

About The Satoshi Awards

The Satoshi Awards have been established to honor the teams and individuals that have contributed to humanitarian blockchain projects in an ethical manner, advancing the ideals of freedom, protecting the rights of individuals and The Satoshi Awards’ egalitarian principles. To find out more, watch the video or visit thesatoshiawards.com