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Get Survey Reward points in Crypto: Coincheck Survey

Get Survey Reward points in Crypto: Coincheck Survey
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Added on Sep 04, 2019

Coincheck Inc. promises survey reward points in Crypto according to a press release by the company. Coincheck has partnered with Macromill Inc to make the service a reality.

Starting from September 2019, Coincheck will offer the possibility of converting survey reward points into cryptocurrencies. The service will be powered by technology from Macromill Inc.

Coincheck Inc. will start a new service, Coincheck Survey, from September 10, 2019 in collaboration with Macromill, Inc. Macromill typically offers Macromill Points to Macromill Monitors who participate in the surveys conducted by the company. The launch of Coincheck Survey makes it possible for monitors to exchange those Macromill Points to cryptocurrencies. Coincheck started offering exchanges of Monex Points to cryptocurrencies in April 2019 in order to give an incentive for people to start investing in cryptocurrency. The exchange service of Monex Points has been well received by Monex account holders.  This time, in partnership with Macromill, a leading marketing research company that offers marketing solutions best suited for clients, Coincheck is expanding opportunities for an increase in the number of people who start investing in cryptocurrencies. In addition to the new service, Coincheck and Macromill are planning to collaborate in the blockchain business in a variety of ways. Coincheck plans to expand its partnership in the point exchange service to further make the cryptocurrency investment accessible to individuals.

How to get Survey Rewards?

Macromill Monitors who have accounts in CoincheckExchange are eligible to take part in the Survey Programme. Go over to the website to check it out. The service enables customers to exchange Macromill Points, which are offered as compensation for participating in surveys, to cryptocurrency. How to Exchange? Log in to “My Page” in the Macromill Monitor site and select “Apply for point exchange.” The Exchangeable Cryptocurrencies are Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum(ETH) and Ripple (XRP). Head on over to the website to get started.

About Coincheck

Coincheck is a bitcoin wallet and exchange service headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, founded by Koichiro Wada and Yusuke Otsuka. It operates exchanges between bitcoin, ether and fiat currencies in Japan, and bitcoin transactions and storage in some countries.

Coincheck started in August 2014 and is operated by Coincheck, inc. (previously ResuPress, inc) (founded in 2012). There were then more than 2,200 merchants using their bitcoin payment solution, just in Japan. Coincheck is a member of JBA (Japan Blockchain Association) and is actively helping to build the Japanese bitcoin community’s usage standards with the government.

Coincheck partnered with SEKAI to support Chinese, Hong Kong, and Taiwan investors to buy Japanese real estate with bitcoin.

About Macromill, Inc.

Macromill, Inc. is a leading Internet-based marketing research company in Japan that offers rapid and high-quality marketing solutions. They bring together rich research experience and know-how coming from its largest market share to provide marketing solutions best suited for clients. They have over 40 offices across 19 countries. Macromill, Inc. aims to become a unique global digital research company by integrating our world-class execution capabilities with technology that will change the times.