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‘Gold Mine’ RTS Game on WAX blockchain

‘Gold Mine’ RTS Game on WAX blockchain
By We Play Coins
Added on Sep 22, 2019

‘Gold Mine’ RTS Game on WAX blockchain will be happening soon according to a blog post by WAX.

Prospectors.io, the massive multiplayer online real-time economic strategy (MMORTES) game, has been a smash hit since it’s launch on EOS in late June 2019 with thousands of gamers playing each day. The exciting game of strategy gives players endless opportunities to earn crypto gold by utilizing blockchain technology, where they can start a business and explore a world teeming with resources there for the taking. And within the next few weeks, Prospectors will be running on the WAX Blockchain so that WAX Token holders and millions of OPSkins customers can play the game.

Get started playing at Prospectors.io and get in-game items (non-fungible tokens a.k.a. NFTs) including gold and building sets during the WAX Assets Auction that ends on September 20, 2019. Get your WAX Tokens ready and get in on the auction!

Prospectors x WAX: What’s next

In the coming weeks…

  • Prospectors will be live on the WAX Blockchain and will have WAX Services integrated such as WAX All Access and WAX ExpressTrade
  • In-game items for Prospectors will be available for pre-sale exclusively on OPSkins Marketplace
  • In-game items for Prospectors will trade on WAX ExpressTrade
  • OPSkins Marketplace customers can buy and sell Prospectors in-game items
  • WAX will announce major Prospectors game updates

About Prospectors

The distinctive feature of The Prospectors is its blockchain-based decentralized world that will become fully autonomous with time. The prices within the game will be formed according to the rules of free economics, i.e., demand and supply ratio. Besides this, the MMORTES is the first game that rewards players for the time spent in its virtual world. This way, the work in The Prospectors can substitute the real-life occupation. Every player will look for his own way to build a career since the possibilities are multiple.

Much more information about Prospectors is available on their blog. Join the Prospectors Telegram and the WAX Telegram to discuss the game, the WAX auction, and the partnership announcement details with others in the community.

TRON announces New Proof-of-Stake Mechanism

In a series of Twitter posts, Justin Sun announced a new proof of stake mechanism for writing to the blockchain.

1. A fair, decentralized distribution of staking revenues, encouraging greater user participation and smoother engagement with staking from more wallets, exchanges and partners.

2. Greater voter turnout, along with higher stake ratio across the network, which will bring about a more active community and a more robust network economic system, increasing the lock-up amount from users within the TRON ecosystem.

3. Fewer unnecessary dividend distribution transactions, leading to less bandwidth consumption and greater network robustness.

4. A foundation for more complex consensus and incentive plans, signaling more possibilities for future development.

5. More TRON nodes and Partners. Greater decentralization. More global and community participants.

TRON Partner Staking & Vote Reward: for each block, the most-voted 127 nodes (TRON partners) will receive TRX rewards in proportion to the votes they get. The total reward for one block is 160 TRX. We have optimized the way staking users can get returns.