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India delays crypto ban hearing again

India delays crypto ban hearing again
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Added on Jan 14, 2020

India delays crypto ban hearing again according to cointelegraph and cryptokanoon. Crypto Kanoon provided blow by blow updates on the hearings challenging the RBI ban on cryptocurrencies. Finally, the Court postponed the hearings after the initial arguments. Twitter users were quick to show their frustration.

vjj19 –
🤦seems court adjourned it again. What a shame!!


Already told you yesterday… Tarikh pe tarikh [simply postpone], the only way for positive regulation is bribing the government by some ambani type crypto entrepreneur  😉😉

The Supreme Court of India has been dealing with a case involving crypto-assets and the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) for quite a long time, now. Originally, the hearing was supposed to take place back in mid-October 2019, but the court delayed it until November. However, due to the busy schedule of RBI’s senior counsel, the hearing was postponed once again until today, January 14th, 2020.

Crypto v.#RBI
The Court has resumed and mentioning matters are being dealt with.
Crypto Matter is listed as item no. 1.
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— Crypto Kanoon (@cryptokanoon) January 14, 2020

Now, according to new information, the Supreme Court is finally ready to resume the matter fully, although not right away. New information claims that the ‘Crypto Matter’ is listed as item no. #1, but the court has decided to first take up item no. #2. After that, the court plans to take up larger bench matters, including items 101 to 103, after which it plans to finally take on the hearing of the Crypto Matter.

Court passed over the item no. 1. It has first taken up item no. 2 for hearing. After item 2 it will take up larger bench matters (item 101 to 103). Thereafter the hearing of Crypto matter will begin.— CRYPTO KANOON (@CRYPTOKANOON) JANUARY 14, 2020


While the court’s decision to take on other matters other than crypto is concerning to a lot of people, there are also many who see it as a good thing. The court itself clarified the decision, claiming that it wants to hear out the Crypto Matter in detail, and dedicate a lot of time to it.

It is clarified that Court wants to hear the Crypto matter but it has expressed that if Crypto matter taken up in the beginning then this might block the board for a week. It means that the Court is expecting long arguments.

Stay tuned for further updates.

In fact, the court assumes that taking up the Crypto Matter, in the beginning, might end up blocking the board for an entire week, which means that long arguments are expected. In other words, the court does plan to hear both sides out and take the matter seriously.

The new development is seen by many as a very good and very positive sign since the Supreme Court obviously doesn’t plan on simply dismissing the matter and rule in favor of the RBI without hearing both sides first.