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Meesho Superstore Closed in Most Cities

Meesho Superstore Closed in Most Cities
By We Play Coins
Added on Aug 26, 2022

Meesho Superstore offered grocery products in a lot of cities across multiple states in India. As per recent reports Meesho has closed operations of its superstore in most of the cities.

Aafter an 11-month test run in 6 states, Meesho Superstore was integration with the core Meesho application just few months ago as per their blog post.

Superstore targets users who value price over convenience and meesho said

Our users would rather pick their order up themselves from the closest Superstore Champion (socially active people or store owners who act as a pickup point) a day after placing the order... for the right price and best quality, of course.

Reports says that Meesho has fired hundreds of employees involved with the superstore business operations. Startups are currently facing funding crunch and you can expect much more such news in the consumer space.