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Poland based Coinroom shuts down abruptly

Poland based Coinroom shuts down abruptly
By We Play Coins
Added on Jun 08, 2019

Coinroom is a Poland-based cryptocurrency exchange that allows users to buy/sell cryptocurrencies with fiat currencies like PLN and EUR. Coinroom features a two-factor authentication system for transactions and allows deposits, withdrawals, transfers and withdrawals at ATMs. Coinroom also allows users to pay their bills using cryptocurrencies throughout Europe and even unregistered users can buy and sell coins.

Polish news site Money.pl recently reported that Coinroom has shut down abruptly and several users have lost their crypto assets with them.

Coinroom apparently sent out an email to all the customers on 2nd April 2019 asking users to withdraw their funds within one day. Several users reported that exchange did not return the deposits. Further many more that say that Coinroom stopped responding to email withdrawal requests and their contact number stopped working.

The site was down when we tried visiting.