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Time to Buy into Ripple (XRP)?

Time to Buy into Ripple (XRP)?
By We Play Coins
Added on Jun 27, 2019

According to Credible Crypto on twitter, the Ripple (XRP) cryptocurrency’s value will soon skyrocket. The user seems to be pretty popular on Twitter with over 44,000 followers but that’s not why you should pay attention. Credible Crypto’s claim is that Ripple (XRP) value will increase by over 100x in its next bull cycle.

If $XRP follows BTC, its next run could be over 100x its lows of .23. With a multiple equivalent to what BTC did on its last run to 20k, this puts $XRP at around $28 which is a very reasonable expectation imo. Remember – the longer the consolidation, the greater the expansion.@CREDIBLECRYPTO

The claim was shared by other traders too, as they saw similarities between the accumulation periods of Ripple (XRP) and Bitcoin. Credible Crypto tweeted that bitcoin went through almost a year of accumulation after the 2014-2015 bear winter. It came back with over a 100 times markup that sent the market to $20,000.

According to them, Ripple is showing the same signs of accumulation and will therefore increase 100x in value in the next bull run. At the moment, XRP is at $0.46 making it the ideal time to buy.

You can check out the detailed explanations provided by @CredibleCrypto to check the claims. Ripple may jump from $0.46 to a possible $28 in the future, in their opinion.


In short, Credible Crypto makes these points –

  1. During the bear winter of 2013-2014 bitcoin’s value fell 20x. Recently, Ripple’s value fell 23x.
  2. Bitcoin entered a 10-month accumulation period after the bear winter. Ripple is going through the same process at the moment.
  3. After the accumulation period, bitcoin’s value went from $163 to $20,000. The same rise in value is expected for the Ripple (XRP) crypto with an estimated 100x increase valued at $28.

If we look at only this data, it seems to make sense. However, we are missing a lot of data to make a prediction like this. It may be that Credible Crypto is absolutely right. It may be that he/they are right but the market doesn’t necessarily function like clockwork.

However, there are other factors to consider when making this prediction.

  1. Ripple’s $50 million stake in MoneyGram puts XRP on the path to wide adoption. MoneyGram and Ripple are partnering to offer cross-border payments via XRP tokens. MoneyGram’s CEO Alex Holmes said the company will implement Ripple’s xRapid to enable currency and transaction exchanges. xRapid uses XRP as the currency to banks for instant liquidity.
  2. MoneyGram users will have to use XRP  to send money. This creates a crazy level of demand for the cryptocurrency.
  3. The overall performance of Ripple (XRP) has been stable and within the predictable parameters. This makes it a good choice to buy into early.

Ripple (XRP) is poised for a major surge in value according to a lot of traders. People are really excited to see where this will lead. The crypto may not see any major increase soon but its trend of strengthening steadily over time cannot be ignored. It may be time to get in on the action.