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TRON’s side chain solution, Sun Network released

TRON’s side chain solution, Sun Network released
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Added on Aug 13, 2019

TRON, one of the world’s largest blockchain projects, announced today the V1.0 code release of TRON’s side chain solution, Sun Network.

Sun Network is a scaling solution built to expand the capacity of the TRON MainNet, incorporating a series of scaling projects such as DAppChain, a smart contract optimized application side chain, cross-chain communications and many more. Among these projects, DAppChain is a side chain scaling project designed to provide unlimited scaling capacity for the TRON MainNet, enabling DApps to run with lower Energy consumption, higher security and efficiency on TRON.

Compared to other scaling solutions, Sun Network has two notable features.

Firstly, it supports smart contract transactions, focusing on improving the Transactions Per Second of the smart contract transactions on the MainNet, as well as lowering the transaction fee.

Secondly, the side chain can support more customizable requirements, such as setting side chain incentives, transaction rates, transaction confirmation speed and other parameters, catering to the needs of different developer groups.

The overall solution of the Sun Network will provide unlimited scalability to the TRON MainNet, allowing for more possibilities to the development of TRON DApps and the entire ecosystem. The solution also strives to bring about a positive impact on the whole blockchain industry while improving the TRON network.

TRON’s founder Justin Sun says, “As time goes on, lots of projects have made great progress. We launched the TVM in October 2018. In just 7 months, nearly 500 quality DApps are running on the TRON network. TRON’s total account number reached 3,000,000. A total of 410 million secure transactions took place since the MainNet launch. Moving on, the energy-saving, highly secure and efficient Sun Network will contribute to a more active ecosystem of TRON. Community developers will benefit from the network as well. In addition, a series of scaling projects such as DAppChain and cross-chain communications will further expand the overall capacity of the TRON network, as well as improving the TPS and smart contract execution efficiency on TRON.”


This code version of the Sun Network is as follows:

* Side Chain The core code of DAppChain is compatible with the features of the TRON MainNet, Developers can easily migrate DApps on the TRON main chain to the side chain.

* Oracle A relay that supports the interaction of the main chain and the side chain; the TRON main chain will interact with the side chain through the Oracle relay.

* Contracts Managing digital assets across both the main chain and the side chain through contracts, ensures safe transfer of assets between the TRON network and the side chain.

* JS SDK The Javascript-version SDK supports simultaneous interactions with both the main chain and the side chain on TRON, similar to TronWeb of the MainNet.

* JAVA SDK The Java-version SDK supports simultaneous interactions with the main chain and the side chain on TRON.

* SideChain Wallet Cli An implementation of the side-chain command-line wallet based on the above-mentioned Java SDK; interacts with the main chain and the side chain simultaneously through the terminal, similar to Wallet Cli of the MainNet.


*Developer documentation A Complete Side Chain Developer’s Guide

*Demo#1 Donate Demonstrates how to develop a pure web-based DApp using JS SDK to interact with the main chain and the side chain.

*Demo#2 DICE Demonstrates how to build a side chain DApp that incorporates both the front end and the back end using JS SDK and Java SDK.


The Sun Network solution is a scaling solution aiming at prospering the TRON MainNet, including smart contract DAppChain, cross-chain communication, and other scaling projects. Among them, DAppChain is a side chain scaling solution related to the TRON smart contract. The solution allows DApps to run with low energy consumption, high security and high efficiency on the chain, and provides unlimited scaling capacity for the TRON MainNet to support the growing transaction number. TRON’s side chain solution, Sun Network released on 11th August 2019.


Established by Justin Sun, one of the first graduates at Jack Ma’s Hupan University, TRON is dedicated to building the infrastructure for a truly decentralized Internet. The TRON Protocol, one of the largest blockchain-based operating systems in the world, offers high-scalability, high-availability, and high-throughput support that serves as the foundation for all decentralized applications in the TRON ecosystem. The Protocol also uses an innovative, pluggable smart contract platform to improve compatibility with Ethereum smart contracts.

On July 24, 2018, TRON acquired BitTorrent Inc., an Internet technology company based in San Francisco. The distributed technology designed by BitTorrent Inc. is smart, highly scalable, and keeps creators and consumers in control of their content and data. More than 170 million people use BitTorrent products every month. BitTorrent Inc.’s protocol drives 40% of the world’s Internet traffic every day.