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Twitch donations using MenaPay now live!

Twitch donations using MenaPay now live!
By We Play Coins
Added on Dec 28, 2019

Twitch donations using MenaPay is now live according to a Medium post by Menapay. The blog post was dated 27th December 2019. This makes it easier for twitch users to tip their favourite streamers and also helps make cryptocurrencies more mainstream as Mena caters to countries where crypto is sparse. From the Streamers point of view, they can collect donations from people all over the world without the hassle of transaction fees.

Now, collecting donations from your viewers on Twitch is easier than ever!

  • Download MenaPay mobile application to your smart phone.
  • Apple Store: https://apple.co/2kzDKRX
  • Google Play: http://bit.ly/2pg5Ovw
  • Huawei AppGallery: https://bit.ly/2XAMje9
  • Open MenaPay app and sign up.
  • After you signed up, login to your MenaPay account. Touch ‘’settings’’ button on the right corner of homepage.
  • Choose the streamer option.
  • Enter your Twitch username.
  • You can define minimum donation amount in terms of TRY or MenaCash if you want to make your viewers to donate above a certain amount. If you don’t want, you can just skip minimum donation amount and go on with the next step.
  • After you filled your account information, you can click on ‘’ Connect to Twitch ’’
  • You can save your QR code to your gallery or share directly.
  • After you completed these steps, you can add you unique QR code generated by MenaPay to your stream or description below your stream.
  • You’re ready! Now you can announce in your stream that your audience can donate to you within seconds using the MenaPay mobile app.

What is MenaPay?

The first Blockchain-based, non-bank payment gateway focused on the Middle East and Africa.

MenaPay is focussed on developing a large community of consumers and merchants who prefer MenaPay as the primary method of payment for e-commerce, any digital business, offline and ordinary P2P transactions in every aspect of daily life.

MenaPay is an Islamic finance compliant platform that allows P2P transactions on blockchain, with very low transaction fees, free from the fluctuations of other cryptocurrencies and faster than any traditional payment gateway.

MenaCash is the coin used for P2P transactions between consumers and merchants. MenaCash is 100% USD backed and allows merchants to make easy cashouts without dealing with crypto exchanges.

MenaPay Platform is the first Blockchain-based payment gateway focused on the MENA region.

MenaPay Token is a utility token which will be issued and limited to 400 million tokens. 64% (256 million) of the total tokens will be owned by the public. MenaPay is the token used to distribute the platform’s share of revenue among MenaPay token holders.

MenaCash is a stable cryptocurrency used by the MenaPay platform and will be used for daily transactions between three dynamics in the system: users, merchants and the foundation. Transactions between users P2P (peer to peer), transactions between users and merchants P2M (peer to merchant) and transactions between approved merchants to MenaPay foundation for converting their MenaCash to fiat currency – M2F (merchant to foundation) – will be possible using MenaCash.

Sheikh Mohammed (Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai) UAE Blockchain in April 2018. Dubai already have their own Blockchain Strategy and even gave the first cryptocurrency trading licence to a gold trader in 2018. The Dubai Blockchain Strategy establishes a roadmap for the introduction of blockchain technology for Dubai and the creation of an open platform to share the technology with cities across the globe. Dubai has now set its sights on being the first city built on blockchain by the year 2020.