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Web3 Summit successfully wrapped up: Focus on Privacy

Web3 Summit successfully wrapped up: Focus on Privacy
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Added on Aug 22, 2019

Web3 Summit successfully wrapped up yesterday. The main topic was privacy and decentralization.

Web3 Summit completed the three-day programme successfully on the evening of August 21st 2019. The summit was held in Berlin, Germany.

Among the many speakers, Edward Snowden addressed the summit via video conference from an unknown location. He stressed the need for a private and decentralized world wide web that cannot be censored or controlled by authorities or companies.

What is Web3 Summit

Web3 refers to the newest generation of web technologies. Web2.0 brought the internet from simple file referrals to web apps. Web3 intends to revolutionize the internet using blockchain and peer-to-peer technologies. This year it was held in Berlin, Germany.

Web3 Summit is organized around a single rallying call: to facilitate a fully functional and user-friendly decentralized web.

Every year the devs and researchers working on lower level protocols and others interested in the latest developments in the decentralized web come together for an immersive and collaborative gathering focusing on the Web3 technology stack, including: P2P protocols. Platform neutral computation language, Data distribution protocols, Blockchains, Transient data/messaging, Encrypted storage, Protocol-extensible developer APIs.

Web3 Summit is an open and collaborative space where the community can create their own programming. Web3 Foundation invites a full line up of high quality speakers, while individuals, teams and projects use the rest of the space for workshops, presentations, AMA sessions – both intimate and large-scale, chilling, and most importantly, hacking. There will always be a large room dedicated to a hackerspace, where you can host a meetup or hackathon, whiteboard some ideas, present to other teams, and get real work done.

Web3 Summit successfully wrapped up on the evening of the 21st of August 2019.

Speakers and topics of the Summit

Luis Cuende // Aragon One
Manifesto-based organizations: Organizations that can’t be evil using the Aragon Court

Dominic Tarr // Secure Scuttlebutt
Peer-to-Peer Infrastructure (all the other stuff that needs doing to coordinate a market)

Hashmap // Grin
Grin Development: As Little As Possible

Shawn Tabrizi // Parity Technologies
Substrate: One Year Later

Eth2.0 Panel
Moderator: Rick Dudley // Vulcanize
Mamy Ratsimbazafy // Status
Wei Tang // Parity Technologies
Adrian Manning // Sigma Prime

Ryan Zurrer
An Anthology of DAOs

DAO Panel
Santiago Siri // Democracy Earth
Luis Cuende // Aragon One
Mariano Conti // MakerDAO
Cassandra Shi // MolochDAO
Shaun Djie // DigiXDAO

Yalda Mousavinia
DAO Demo

Juan Benet // Protocol Labs
Michael Zargham // BlockScience
The age of networks and the rebirth of cybernetics

Rich Burdon // Wireline
Jutta Steiner // Parity Technologies
& Ken Seiff // Blockchange Ventures Inc
Emin Gün Sirer // AVA
Beyond Blockchains and Proof of Work

Meltem Demirors // CoinShares
The Great Fattening: The Unintended Consequences of Architecture

Nina Breznik
& Alexander Praetorius // Play @ Ethereum Foundation
Smart Contract Codes – A p2p search engine for solidity source code

Ed Hesse // Energy Web Foundation
Energy market-design requirements converging with Polkadot 2.0 architecture

Dawn Song // Oasis Labs
Nimble: A new approach to scaling

Zak Cole // Whiteblock
P2P System Evaluation & Design

Nilson Kufus // Nomoko
Sparking the 4th industrial revolution by thinking spatial

Diakomichalis // Monadic
Towards a decentralized alternative to Github. Progress from Radicle and Oscoin

Investor Panel
Jake Brukhman // CoinFund
Nick Tomaino // 1confirmation
Jehan Chu // Kenetic
Mable Jiang // Nirvana Capital

Marek Olszewski // Celo
& Ben Perszyk // Polychain Capital
Learnings From Building a Fullstack Cryptocurrency

Lucas Vogelsang // Centrifuge
Using Zero Knowledge Proofs for minting NFTs: An introduction to zkSNARK-optimized cryptographic primitives

Xuejie Xiao // Nervos
Ethereum on CKB: a new evolvable solution for Ethereum

Anna Rose // Zero Knowledge Podcast
Howard Wu // Dekrypt Capital and UC Berkeley
Mapping the Zero Knowledge Jungle

Ryón Nixon // POSA
Proof of Stake Alliance – championing favorable legal and tax treatment of stakable assets.

Handan Kilinc
Alper //Web3 Foundation
BABE: Blind Assignment for Blockchain Extensions

Fabio Berger // 0x
0x Mesh – A p2p network for sharing DEX orders