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WebDollar: Crypto mining in the Browser

WebDollar: Crypto mining in the Browser
By We Play Coins
Added on Jul 14, 2019

WebDollar is a platform with a goal to bring cryptocurrency to everyone. To do this, they’ve built a cryptocurrency platform that enables crypto mining in the browser. Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Edge and others are supported. The current market capitalization is at $0.00018447. Currently, 9.5 Billion coins are in circulating supply and can be increased to a maximum supply of 42 Billion. P2PB2B is the most active place to trade WebDollars.

WebDollar is a browser based digital currency. WebDollars can be mined in your browser and you can transfer funds by storing the wallets locally, without using third parties.

WebDollar is a peer to peer (p2p) currency which is native to the internet. The WebDollar protocol and blockchain were designed to be light on resources like your CPU, and to work without installing any new software for wallets or mining. A mini-blockchain is downloaded directly into your browser, while your wallet is securely stored and encrypted directly into your computer.


The system uses a novel PPoW – Proofs of Proof of Work algorithm to allow light nodes to check the balance and validate transactions in a matter of seconds. Being native to the internet, WebDollar is enabling miners to start mining with a click of a button.

Mining in the Browser

There is no risk involved in using WebDollar, but you can expect your browser to get slow and the internet speed to drop when using the platform to mine. This is especially true if you increase the number of threads used. The WebDollar site recommends using the level 1 thread while you are working on your PC, and increase it when you are away. Also, the battery of your device will drain faster and your electricity consumption will slightly increase according to the number of threads that you are using.

WebDollar is the easiest and fastest way to earn and use cryptocurrencies. You don’t need technical knowledge or dedicated computers with fancy chips. WebDollar aims to make mining available for every laptop and smartphone. To do this they use the Argon2d algorithm which makes mining with special hardware unprofitable because it is ASIC resistant and GPU unfriendly. They want to give everyone the opportunity to mine and take part in the new world of cryptocurrency.

The coins are created by mathematical algorithms using a hybrid mining process. The mining program is using your computer’s CPU resources in POW (Proof Of Work) rounds and staking your already mined coins in POS (Proof Of Stake) hybrid rounds. All this makes it possible to perform Crypto mining in the Browser.

How to Mine?

  1. You can mine them directly in your browser.
  2. You can invite others to mine and refer you to get some rewards.
  3. You can buy from the exchanges.
  4. You can become a part of the bounty hunt program.

Wallet in the Browser

The Wallets are stored and managed securely by the Browser, by using the Indexed DB API. The wallet’s storage location varies from one browser to another. You can also download the wallet as a file and store it on another browser, disk drive, USB drive, cloud storage, cold storage, etc. This is inline with crypto mining in the Browser.

WebDollar hopes to implement a native smart contract system in the future. This will make it more lucrative in similar way to Ethereum, which introduced the concept.